Membership Benefits

If your institution wants to be part of this non-profit initiative, please pay below to The Americas Conference of Universities your 2020 annual membership. It is one payment per organization and it covers all the participants from each institution.

​Annual Membership Main Benefits

​​75% Discount in Registration Fees to attend the Americas Conference of Universities in both International and Regional Conferences. There are every year two Regional Conferences and one annual International Conference.

  1. 20% Discount in the Registrations Fees to participate in the International Missions in Higher Education, Technological Sites, and Economic Development, Chapters (i) China-Shanghai-Tianjin; (ii) Washington, DC-Boston; (3) London-Cambridge-Oxford; and (iv) Mexico City-Puebla-Oaxaca.
  2. 50% Discount in the Peer Review Annual Journals in the following areas: International Journal of Higher Education;  and the Americas Journal of Policy Sciences and Public Policy. The first editions will appear every second semester starting this  2021
  3. Advertising opportunities are available at discounted rates for ACU-member institutions in The Americas Conference of Universities website, and Conference Programs.
  4. 20% discount in academics, professionals, and informative workshops, pre-conference seminars, and webinars to provide members with up-to-date best practices in the area of higher education.
  5. The ACU partial Scholarship Program awards academic scholarships to students attending ACU member institutions to support college expenses. Scholarship applications are announced in spring and students submit an online application for awards in the fall semester
  6. The ACU International Internship Program (IIP) recruits college students for summer internships or English language programs at federal agencies and private corporations in Washington, DC, Mexico, City, and throughout the cities in agreement with the ACU. These four-weeks assignments give college students hands-on experience in a variety of careers in the federal and corporate sectors. Scholarship applications are announced in spring and students submit an online application for awards in the fall semester.

Click here to pay your 2020 Annual Membership with 75% of discount if it is paid before November 15, 2020.